There are 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments, tendons, and muscles in each foot. On average, you walk 10000 steps per day, 1000000 steps per year and 185,000km in our lifetime. Lets help the way you walk so that each step heals the body. 


The Body Align Method is a beginner 10 week movement-based course designed to align your body and posture. Most joints in your body move in 3 dimensions, meaning front to back, side to side and rotationally. Each joint requires the joint above and below to move with the same amount of movement spectrum. For example, can your pelvis rotated equally left and right or do you have restrictions in one direction in comparison to the other?

 The aim of the method is to let you discover your body’s restrictions through movement and have an awareness of how to help yourself, fix yourself through movement. You achieve this during the 10 week course by learning how to assess your body’s movement restrictions, what movement you have difficulty with, and exploring movements which unlock these movement restrictions in a safe controlled environment.

 The method is designed for anyone who is currently experiencing pain, movement restrictions, aches, stiffness, alignment or posture issues or athletes wanting to be more efficient with movement will benefits from the course.

There are two main goals of the method

1.     UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR BODY MOVES – self assessment is the key to understanding how your body moves. The course is built around how your body is moving, how each joint effect other joints and helping you identify how your body is moving.

2.     LEARN TO MOVE YOUR BODY - Discover ways to unlock your body's potential through understanding whole body movement integration, joint dynamics, fundamentals of how to access full body movements. Learning how to constantly revaluation through movement and learning a daily movement program.

The course is complete with an exercises library of movements send every week so that you can watch the movements anytime.

Classed are 1 hour duration and we will explore in the weekly sessions:

- foot, knee and pelvis mechanics

  1. How to pronate your feet

  2. How to supinate your feet

  3. Rotation of the knee

- working at increasing range of movement in your spine

- daily movement routines and all sessions will be available in video so you can continue with the movements anytime during the week,

- maximum of 6 people per class

- shoulder and neck movement and daily movement routines 

- specific lower back movement routines 

- learn how to perform full body postural and movement assessments on yourself

- understand why you have pain and begin the process of changing your body

Maximum class size is 6 people

Duration: 60mins - weekly class

(10 weeks duration)

Cost: $250 (10 weeks) 

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