Movement therapy

biomechanical analysis for pain and injury prevention  

Canberra Movement Therapy is a movement based approach to realignment, rehabilitation and pain management. Our expertise is biomachanics of the body treating injuries such as achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, disc herniation, back and neck pain, frozen shoulder and sports injuries. 

The human body is a system of interrelated and interconnected systems. These systems can only work effectively when functioning in harmony. The bone and muscular structure is no different. Joints, bones, muscles and the nervous system will always adapt or modify in response to their environment.

At Canberra Movement Therapy we treat the individual not the condition by utilising different assessment tools to understand the reason behind the disease or dysfunction. We specialise in the treatment of pain, which means finding the root cause of the dysfunction not chasing the pain or symptoms. Pain is an indicator that the body is not working optimally and regions of the body may be stressed or overworking. The body will compensate in many ways until movement is compromised and eventually pain manifests.



Foot plate analysis 

we use the latest professional plantar pressure plates technology to measure your foot pressures, weight distribution and stability which provides detailed and professional pressure  to enhance your diagnosis with a clearer understanding of foot function, its timing, behaviour, asymmetry and pressure. Statically, Footwork plantar pressure plates can evaluate posture, balance and sway.

postural and dynamic assessments

The assessment is divided in static and dynamic (movement based) assessments - basically finding out where your neutral state of rest is and finding out where your body has limitations. We use the following methods:

  • Gait analysis video assessments
  • mapping your joints in to form a model of your current body
  • photo analysis 

movement as treatment

We use a variety of techniques to align your body, treat pain and dysfunction. During the session we primary use movement based therapy to re-align your body but also foot mobilisations, manual therapy and acupuncture. 

MOVEMENT THERAPY                   $130


Postural assessment - Static and functional 

Foot plate pressure analysis - static and functional

Gait video analysis

Static photo analysis

Treatment - manual therapy, acupuncture, movement therapy

Exercises library access 

90 min session